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STOROJET & and STOROJET - Pioneering Energy Technology Meets Future-Proof Warehouse Logistics!
High-quality solar lights, solar pond pumps, and pond filters come together with a groundbreaking automated storage and retrieval system that optimizes workflows and reduces delivery times. Learn more about this pioneering modernization and the state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports on its growth path. automates its small parts warehouse with an existing STOROJET system

Download Reference as PDF ranks among Europe’s leading online stores for fishing. The ever-growing product range currently includes over 75,000 items. The unique assortment depth, fair prices and fast shipping are some of their strengths.

Due to the company‘s rapid growth in connection with a steadily increasing product range on more and more storage space, the management of Angelplatz has been considering the issue of warehouse automation for small parts for quite some time. However, so far there was simply not enough time to implement an adequate solution. With the relocation of the former sister company Futterplatz, the opportunity arose to take over both the existing storage facility and the STOROJET automatic small parts warehouse located in it and to adapt it to the company‘s own requirements within a very short time.

Automated STOROJET System enables up to 31,000 Storage Spaces in a 100 m² Footprint at

Automated STOROJET System enables up to 31,000 Storage Spaces in a 100 m² Footprint at, the online eyewear store established in 2011 offers a wide range of quality glasses with individual prescriptions, branded eyewear, sunglasses and ski goggles. With over 5,000 different models available, most of which are in stock, ensures customer satisfaction through its extensive range of products.

At, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and having a simple and reliable logistics system with short delivery times is indispensable. We recently transitioned our warehouse to the automated STOROJET storage and picking system. As a result, we significantly increased our storage capacity and expanded our product range. A major benefit for our customers is the faster order fulfillment combindet with less errors. We were also able to provide our warehouse employees with a much more comfortable working environment through automated storage and retrieval processes.


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Futterplatz GmbH

On a footprint of 385 m², a 5.2 m high STOROJET storage and picking system with a total storage area of 5,000 m² was realized. More than 80 robots move more than 5000 goods carriers and increase efficiency by 68%. At each of the3 picking stations, up to 5 picks per minute are achieved. We are pleased to offer you dates to visit the finished shelving system.


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Modellbau Härtle

Modellbau Härtle

As of now, the online dealer Härtle from Marktoberdorf (Allgäu) counts on the automated storage and order picking system STOROJET. Still in 2021, ICO Innovative Computer GmbH realises the almost 6 m high system on an area of more than 700 m2 with appr. 8,000 goods carrier presentations per day and more than 100 robots. Thus, Modellbau Härtle invests in future-oriented technology in order to meet the steadily increasing order volume even during the Christmas season. Modellbau Härtle (since 1889) is one of Europe’s major specialist mail-order companies for model railways and model assembly. The specialist assortment includes model railways and accessories, RC model assembly, RC cars, truck model assembly, plastic model assembly, car racetracks, high-quality construction kit systems such as Fischertechnik and more than 1,000 miniature models.


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Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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