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Sustainability at Storojet

The automatic small parts warehouse system STOROJET has not only making an economic but also an contribution. Recent calculations by the Global Footprint Network located in the USA and Switzerland showed that the world population would need about 1.75 earths to cover the current demand with the current consumption of resources. For this reason, great importance was attached to a sustainable concept during development. The driving and storage areas of the storage shelf consist of renewable materials. The individual goods carriers in this system are also made of wood by default. Double the amount of wood used for each system is returned to nature as part of regional reforestation projects.

Trees planted so far:
Annual bound CO2:
0 kg

Sustainability - more than just a promise

A planted tree binds around 12.5 kg of CO2 per year on average over its lifetime. A crucial factor in the fight against climate change. But it's much more than just the bound carbon dioxide. Such a tree also offers a habitat for numerous different native animal species and, for example, directs water into deeper layers of the earth via the roots.

At STOROJET we understand sustainability as a mission. Even the best storage system can only work if we can continue to live on our planet. Therefore, we should all deal with it conscientiously and protect nature as best we can so that we can meet our responsibility to future generations.

In everything you do,
consider the end,
that is sustainability. - Eric Schweitzer

Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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