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STOROJET - Flexible Shelving System

The extremely flexible multi-storey storage rack offers optimised space utilisation in height, area and geometry. The automated storage rack can be adapted exactly to the needs of the user based on the footprint of the 1.6 x 1.2 m shelves. There are no limits, from a simple cuboid to a U- or T-shape to impressive tailor-made special shapes.
STOROJET - Next Level Storage - Shelving System

Perfect Space Utilisation and Fast Access

The modular storage rack can be realised up to 12 m in height and offers individual distances of the different levels between 32 and 100 cm. In this way, a maximum packing density can be easily achieved depending on the size of the products to be stored. You will benefit from far better space utilisation than with conventional high-rack warehouses without the need for wide driveways and the use of cost-intensive lifting vehicles and the associated specialist personnel.

The multi-storey storage rack is connected vertically by powerful lifts and enables the picking robots to move quickly between the different levels. For maintenance reasons, lifts are always mounted on the outer tracks of the storage racks and thus allow fast access without impairing the flow of goods during operation.

Automation across Buildings

Depending on the usage scenario, several individual automated storage racks can be connected via bridges, even across buildings. Besides the continuous development of further sections, complete warehouses can also be efficiently used in terms of space and easily linked to adjacent buildings for logistics.

The so-called picking stations for the retrieval of goods by order pickers can be designed just as flexibly as the entire warehouse shelf. As a simple extension, directly adjacent picking stations offer optimised space utilisation. Depending on their size, U-shaped loops can be equipped with any number of picking stations and offer several robots a large area for the waiting position until they can continue to pick the goods. In order to achieve logistically optimised areas for goods removal in the warehouse, even Gothic routes can be built, which saves time and reduces unnecessary distances.

STOROJET - Flexible Shelving System
STOROJET - Flexible Shelving System

Secure Solutions for High-End Goods

Depending on the value of the stored goods, the multi-storey storage rack can also be completely encased with any material in order to prevent unwanted direct access to the product carriers. Combined with video surveillance at the output points, this results in an extremely secure solution for high-end goods.

The STOROJET system can also be used, for example, to plan automated storage racks leading to or around production lines - regardless of whether as a supplier for goods-to-person or for fully automated manipulators.


Structure: any in the grid of the base area (WxD) 1,6x1,2 m
Maximum height: 12 m
Layer distances: (H) 32-100 cm

Product Carriers
Dimensions: (WxD) 50x50-90 cm
Load capacity: 20kg
Structure: individual on footprint basis

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Have we captured your interest?

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Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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