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STOROJET and Brillenplatz

Automated STOROJET System enables up to 31,000 Storage Spaces in a 100 m² Footprint at

Referenzbericht als PDF herunterladen, the online eyewear store established in 2011 offers a wide range of quality glasses with individual prescriptions, branded eyewear, sunglasses and ski goggles. With over 5,000 different models available, most of which are in stock, ensures customer satisfaction through its extensive range of products.

From Test Warehouse to Operational Deployment

Originally utilized for testing purposes during the development phase, the STOROJET system seamlessly transitioned into operational use at Despite limited space, an automated small parts warehouse using STOROJET was implemented within an area of only 100 m².

The automated storage an retrieval system spans a height of approximately 3.6 meters across six levels, currently accommodating up to 17,000 storage spaces for eyewear and accessories. To ensure redundancy, two high-performance lifts are employed, facilitating up to 3.5 presentations of carriers per minute for inbound and outbound processes. Only 15 robots are required to maintain the material flow using a goods-to-person principle. To facilitate work, Brillenplatz uses a supporting Pick-by-Light system that precisely illuminates the individual compartments on the differently sized carriers. This is particularly helpful in the applied multipick order picking process and helps to drastically minimize the error rate. This feature proves especially beneficial during the multipick order picking process, significantly reducing the error rate.


A broad product range combined with customers demand for short delivery times necessitates flexible solutions with high storage density. The highly redundant STOROJET system offers the required scalability during ongoing operations. Even small systems can be easily planned and implemented, growing in tandem with the company over time. Another significant advantage is the ability to use differently sized carriers with customized compartment configurations within a single system, with carrier lengths ranging from 50 to 90 cm.

Underestimated Factors: Returns Management and Inventory

An often underestimated factor in manual warehousing is the processing of returns. E-commerce stores, in particular, face significant time and cost investments in managing returns due to naturally higher return rates. Previously, each product had to be individually returned to its respective storage location, often leading to misplacements. With STOROJET, returns are seamlessly integrated into the daily storage process, minimizing the time-consuming individual storage of goods. Combined with continuous inventory checks during regular operations, this approach drastically reduces personnel efforts while maintaining an up-to-date inventory. STOROJET Reference
STOROJET and Brillenplatz

Prepared for the Future

The pillars of the storage tower have been equipped with additional suspension points, allowing the automatic small parts warehouse to be expanded from 5 to 11 levels at any time. The efficient compartment configuration of the carriers could increase the storage capacity to approximately 31,000 storage spaces. Due to space constraints, the inbound and outbound processes occur in an adjacent warehouse.

The high modularity of the system enables the STOROJET conveyors to be directly integrated into the system, with these column-supported pathways serving as conveyor routes for the robots, eliminating the need for costly conveyor belts. In the future, a cross-hall corridor will transport goods directly to the neighboring warehouse, reducing travel distances for employees and further enhancing system efficiency.

Overview of Data

  • STOROJET storage shelf
    Height:3,6 m (zzgl. 1 m for lifts))
    Levels:6 (clearance 600 mm)
    Opt. level expansion11 (clearance 260 mm)
    Footprint:93 m2
    Highspeed Lifts:2
    Goods carriers:15

  • Warenträger
    500x600 mm (WxD):560
    500x660 mm (WxD):50
    Customized carrier configurations with around 17,000 storage spaces.
    Goods carriers after optional level expansion
    500x600 mm (WxD):1.020
    500x660 mm (WxD):105
    Customized carrier configurations with around 31,000 storage spaces.

  • Ports
    Storage and retrieval1

  • Performance
    Daily operating time:8 hours
    Picks*/Hour per Port:210
*The number of picks always refers to the presentation of individual goods carriers. If multiple items can be picked from the same goods carrier, the picking performance significantly increases. STOROJET Reference

Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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