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STOROJET - Individual goods carriers

The new automatic small parts storage system STOROJET primarily addresses small and medium-sized users with heterogeneous goods. The goods carriers can vary within a system as required between 50 cm width and 50-90 cm length. The structures on the goods carriers can be individually designed by the customer. Due to the modular structure of the storage towers, different level distances can also be configured for a maximum variety of product heights. The content of the goods carrier is still managed and requested by the existing WMS. When storing, for example, goods that are often ordered together or for production delivery can be combined directly on individual goods carriers. The goods are no longer picked from the shelves by the employees, but transported directly to the respective employee at the ports.

Goods Carrier Example

In order to increase the speed of the picking process and at the same time reduce the error rate, there is the possibility of simplifying both storage and retrieval using a pick-by-light system. Thanks to the goods access from above and the high positioning accuracy, manipulators can also be connected to the system without any problems in order to take the last step towards full automation. The maximum load per goods carrier is currently approx. 20 kg and can vary slightly depending on the size of the goods carrier.

Goods carrier specifications

Width: 50 cm
Length: 50 to 90 cm
Height: 26 to 100 cm product height
Superstructures: customized by the customer
Max. load: approx. 20 kg

Individual goods carriers - more examples

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Have we captured your interest?

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Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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