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Production Automation - The Building Blocks

Storage Shelves

Storage shelves of the STOROJET automatic small parts storage can function as primary and intermediate storage for materials required in production automation and end products. Based on grid dimensions of 1.6x1.2 m, the small parts storage shelves can be modularly adapted to on-site conditions.

The storage shelves consist of multiple levels interconnected by high-performance elevators. Depending on the requirements, the levels can have different spacings, accommodating a wide range of various goods. The storage shelves can be expanded during operation at any time, providing a cost-effective solution to evolving demands.

Production Automation - The Building Blocks
Production Automation with STOROJET

Conveyor Routes

The freely plannable and flexibly deployable paths (conveyor routes) are typically led out of the storage shelves in the optimized grid of 1.6x1.2 m at adjustable heights and can be planned freely through the halls or across halls. Whether it's a production supply for machines or manual production points, manually foldable bridges can be integrated into the routes for convenient access and maintenance of connected machines.

The modular conveyor routes can be easily expanded or reconfigured during ongoing operations. Operating without an attached storage shelf is feasible and can be a crucial component for production automations.

Mini AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Specially designed for working in close proximity to humans, Mini AGVs navigate freely on the entire floor space, within the storage shelves, and on the attached conveyor routes using barcodes. They are responsible for transporting production goods and mobile manipulators. The loading process is fully autonomous at charging stations.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Human-Close Operations
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 40x27.5x15 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C-40°C
  • Battery: LiFePo
  • Operating Duration: 8h, autonomous charging
  • Navigation: Fully automatic based on floor markings
  • Coordination: Via central system through WLAN
  • Positioning Accuracy: Submillimeter precise, Orientation: +/-0.2°

Production Automation - The Building Blocks
Production Automation with STOROJET


The trailers can vary in size, ranging between 40 and 50 cm in width and 50 to 90 cm in length, depending on the requirements. They are used to store and transport resources needed for production and can optionally have small manipulators mounted for locations where large robotic arms are too expensive or oversized.

Mobile manipulators replace stationary robotic arms and are brought to the machines as needed. A specially developed locking mechanism beneath the carriers ensures stability during loading and unloading.

The carriers can be loaded with up to 20 kg and positioned with submillimeter precision at +/-0.2°.

Production Points

With the STOROJET solution for factory automation, multiple types of production points can be controlled. In all cases, the carriers can be loaded and unloaded. The simplest option is delivery to manual production points, where the individual compartments on the carriers are easily accessible for humans.

For production machines with fixed robotic arms, the trailers are brought forward and can be loaded and unloaded as needed. In cases where fixed manipulators are not cost-effective or practical, optional mobile manipulators mounted on trailers are used. Thanks to optimized routes, transitioning to chaotic production towards batch size 1 can be relatively easily implemented.

Production Automation - The Building Blocks
Production Automation with STOROJET


The STOROJET control software provides a simple interface and is integrated with your software. It manages both the parking spaces for carriers within the storage shelves and the free routes of the robots, as well as approaching the machines.

Product management on the carriers and the request for needed carriers at the respective destination remain entirely within your software. The required carriers can be requested in any order based on the machine cycle rate and provided to the respective machines. The control software for the manipulators is also connected to the STOROJET API and receives signals when a carrier is ready, and a gripping operation can be executed.

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Planted Trees: 400
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