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STOROJET - The Storage Robot

STOROJET RO70 storage robots are the size of a conventional mowing robot for domestic use but have far more power. Even in the development phase, the primary goal was to create a system that was as energy-efficient as possible. It was always important to find a good ratio between the lowest possible dead weight and the highest possible towing performance. Thanks to the latest LiFePo batteries and optimised weight, this goal was achieved in every respect.

The STOROJET storage robots move completely freely and are not rail-bound. They navigate autonomously using barcodes that are distributed throughout the shelving system. Thanks to their high fault tolerance, they can always find their way to their next location.
STOROJET - Next Level Storage - Picking Station

Picking performance increased by between 30 and 80 percent

The work steps of the individual storage robots are manipulated by the central system using Wi-Fi. The upcoming picking list is automatically sent in advance to all required storage robots. They navigate completely autonomously to the respective position of the product carriers and dock themselves to them. Having picked up the product carrier, they steer back to the next elevator by the shortest route and line up at hip height at the assigned picking station. The goods to be unloaded are lit by pick-by-light in the respective compartment of the product carrier and only need to be unloaded. After removal, the barcode is scanned by the picker, checked for correctness by the system, automatically booked out and then packaged.

The automatic storage robots easily achieve the increased picking performance between 30 and 80 percent due to their sheer quantity. The low purchase price makes it possible for a large number of storage robots to efficiently carry out their picking activities in the smallest of spaces. The unbeatably low price also permits the spontaneous expansion of the fleet.

The compact storage robots easily survive a full working day before docking independently in their loading bay. The loading bays are always located on the outer lanes so that they are always accessible for maintenance work on the storage robots without impairing ongoing operations. Depending on the number of picking robots used, the central system calculates the workload and loading time in such a way that, even in shift operation, there are always enough robots running to maintain the uninterrupted goods-to-people flow.

The STOROJET storage robots can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. For example, the housing can be delivered in a different colour or a company logo can be attached.

Technical data

Size: (WxDxH) 40x27,5x15 cm
Weight: 15kg
Operating Temperature: 10°C-40°C
Maximum tensile load: 27kg
Battery: LiFePo
Duration of use: 8h on one battery load
Charging time: 3h
Communication: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, 2.4 GHz)
Navigation: Fully automatic based on surface markings, coordinated by the central system

STOROJET - The Storage Robots
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Have we captured your interest?

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Sustainabilty at Storojet
Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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at Storojet

Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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