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STOROJET - Automatic Storage and Order Picking System

Optimised utilisation of warehouse space in height, area and geometry with significantly increased picking efficiency and comparatively low acquisition and operating costs - that's STOROJET - Next Level Storage. Thanks to many years of research and extensive testing, an automated storage and order picking system Made in Germany has been created that takes efficiency and flexibility to a whole new level!


  • Massive reduction of picking times between 30 and 80 percent
  • Continuous optimisation of storage areas
  • Optimised space utilisation in height, area and geometry
  • Expandable during ongoing operations
  • Transport of heterogeneous goods
  • Energy-saving system with low operating costs
  • Pick-by-light support for order pickers
  • Individually configurable product carriers
  • High process reliability of the storage locations
  • Simple operation, low training expenditure
  • Inventory at the touch of a button, continuous inventory
  • Simplified storage of new products or returns
  • Improved theft protection and documentation
  • Flexible expandability and adaptability as required
  • Inexpensive implementation - Made in Germany
  • Ready for industry 4.0

STOROJET - Highlights
STOROJET - Next Level Storage

The Shelving System

The automatic shelving system consists of only two essential components: the rack and the robots. The system is modular and can be flexibly designed and continuously expanded based on the floor space of the shelves. The different levels of the shelving system are adjustable in height depending on the products to be stored. The individual levels of the automated shelving system are interconnected by powerful lifts and enable the small picking robots to quickly switch between the levels.

The product carriers, each with a base area of 50×50-90 cm (W×D), are stowed closely together and can be individually designed according to the customer's requirements. From simple storage areas, cardboard boxes with individual compartments all the way to specialised solutions, everything is possible. In combination with the high process reliability of the storage positions, a perfectly balanced solution for conveying heterogeneous goods is created. The product carriers are completely accessible from above and thus offer the best prerequisites for using fully automatic robot arms for the gripping process depending on the user's requirements.

The Storage Robots

The STOROJET storage robots are approximately the size of a conventional mowing robot and handle the automatic goods-to-people flow. Manipulated by the central system using Wi-Fi, they receive the necessary instructions to transport the stored product carriers to the picking stations. The storage robots move completely freely and navigate systematically using barcodes that are distributed throughout the shelving system.

Both the picking stations and the entire shelving system can be individually adapted to the needs of the customers. In addition to simple, directly adjacent stations, ergonomic U-shaped loops or a complex branched structure leading through the warehouse to the logistically well-placed picking stations can also be installed for the order picker. It is even possible to provide a supply line for manipulators and thus full automation. In order to ensure an optimised flow of goods for the order pickers, the picking stations are designed in such a way that several of the storage robots are always in a queuing position with the coupled product carriers.

STOROJET - The Storage Robots
STOROJET - Next Level Storage - The Procedure

The Procedure

The product carriers are brought to the respective picking station, where the employee only has to collect the items, scan them and place them in the shipping carton. The pickers at the picking stations are supported by the reliable pick-by-light system, which uses a light signal to indicate the goods to be picked. The automatic storage and order picking system not only massively reduces picking times by between 30 and 80 percent, it is also easy to operate and drastically reduces errors. Thanks to the now stationary picking stations, video monitoring of the output points can be implemented with little effort. In addition to improved documentation, increased theft protection can be installed directly.

New products or returns can be stored in the shelving system either before the start of the shift, during picking or overnight. The error rate during storage is also significantly reduced here, supported by pick-by-light. Depending on customer requirements, STOROJET storage robots can autonomously optimise storage locations on an ongoing basis and proactively deal with seasonal peaks in certain product groups. Even with regard to planned sales and marketing promotions, the respective products can be stored efficiently in terms of logistics even before the promotion period in order to guarantee the shortest possible access times.

Simple Stocktaking in an Automated Warehouse

The STOROJET concept also comes into its own in the year-end business. The annual stocktaking is usually only possible with stressed employees and many extra hours. With STOROJET's automated shelving system, these times are now a thing of the past. Stocktaking is started at the push of a button and supported again by pick-by-light. Apart from the significantly reduced time expenditure, the high process reliability of the system throughout the year is particularly evident here. The automatic shelving system reduces stock shortages or incorrect storage locations to an absolute minimum throughout the year. The STOROJET automatic storage and order picking system is unrivalled in terms of cost-effectiveness, from procurement through continuous expansion to the minimum operating costs. With STOROJET, flexibility and economy enter into an inseparable symbiosis and offer you undreamt-of possibilities at an affordable price, all Made in Germany.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Simple interfaces allow rapid integration into the existing technical landscape. With STOROJET, the advantages of digitising logistics can be used immediately.

Simple Stocktaking in an Automated Warehouse
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Have we captured your interest?

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Planted Trees: 400
Bound Co2: 5000 kg
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